3i is a great place to work. Our international reach and our highly dynamic and collaborative culture make 3i an exciting place to be.

So what does it take to join 3i?

  • an international mindset,
  • the ability to thrive in a multidisciplinary and challenging environment
  • a highly-focused and ambitious mindset.

We’re looking for those who are not just good but are outstanding.

3i offers a wide range of roles across the world.

We are right at the heart of an exciting and innovative industry, so there are many ways to build a career with us. Making and managing investments is just one of these.

For those in our business areas of private equity and infrastructure, making deals happen, working with inspiring management teams trying to change their markets and building significant value is a challenging job. Success requires a wide range of skills, including very good judgment and excellent interpersonal skills.

In other roles across the company you will be working in a very active way, in partnership and as part of a dynamic team driven by a strong desire to succeed to ensure 3i continues to be recognised as a leading international investor.

In short 3i offers a compelling range of experience, engagement, variety and reward and the opportunity to work with inspiring people.