3i is a great place to work. Our international reach and our highly dynamic and collaborative culture make 3i an exciting place to be.

So what does it take to join 3i?

  • an international mindset,
  • the ability to thrive in a multidisciplinary and challenging environment
  • a highly-focused and ambitious mindset.

We’re looking for those who are not just good but are outstanding.

We’re in business to make excellent investments and to deliver exceptional returns.

Our success depends upon the right balance of entrepreneurialism and professionalism, combined with the flair and flexibility of the investment industry. We have a strong heritage, built on a pioneering spirit, deep respect for our colleagues and a clear focus on what’s best for the future success of the business. Scale is a special characteristic of 3i. We're big in terms of our resources, our financial strength and our global reach but, with fewer than 300 people, 3i is a place with an intimate feel. It’s a company with a "one room" feel despite our diversity and geographical breadth.

Our "Best team for the job" approach, bringing together the right people from across the business for deals and projects, thrives on a culture of professionalism and respect.

Who we are

Our vision is to be recognised as a leading international investor based on the value we add to our portfolio, the returns we deliver to our investors and our responsible approach and style of investing.

Doing the right thing in the right way is imperative to us. We aim always to be commercial and fair, to respect the needs of shareholders, investors, our people and the companies in which we invest. Our values are to be ambitious and courageous; to work in a collaborative style – taking responsibility and maintaining our integrity at all times.

Our goals are dependent upon attracting and retaining smart people. People, who share our ambitions, thrive in our culture and will help our teams across the world to fulfil their potential. Our teams have to keep innovating and commanding respect in their market place, not just for what they do but also for the way they do it.

Career development

We spend time talking to everyone at 3i about their career. It's your responsibility to take advantage of what’s on offer and to make sure that you make the most of your time with us.

We will also challenge you, to keep developing, to keep growing with us and to keep increasing your value to the business.