A responsible employer

We believe that the skills, capabilities and talents of our employees are vital to our success. Recruiting, retaining and developing this talent is one of our most important priorities. We work towards that objective by communicating openly and consistently with our employees, providing training and opportunities for career advancement, rewarding our employees fairly and by encouraging employees to give direct feedback to senior management.

Our culture values and promotes diversity. We believe that there are great benefits to be gained from diversity and variety in a workforce. We recognise the importance of providing a supportive working environment and of providing a healthy work/life balance for all our employees.

3i has a suite of human resources policies and procedures covering recruitment, vetting and performance management and appropriate processes to monitor their application.

As at 31 March 2016, 3i had a total of 281 employees, broken down as follows:

(number) Total Male Female
All 3i employees 281 174 107
3i Group Directors1 8 5 3
Senior managers2 46 36 10

1 Includes non-executive Directors who are not 3i employees
2 “Senior managers” excludes Simon Borrows and Julia Wilson (who are included as Directors of 3i Group plc) and includes 28 people who were directors of undertakings included in the consolidated Group accounts, of whom 24 are male and 4 are female.

A responsible employer