Sustainable procurement

3i’s supply chain consists predominantly of the procurement of professional services from blue chip organisations in the markets in which we operate (predominantly Europe and North America), and which therefore are at lower risk of exposure to ESG-related issues.

3i’s principal facilities management supplier, Sodexo, holds an ISO 14001 certification and, through its Better Tomorrow Plan, is reducing the environmental impact of the activities it undertakes on behalf of clients such as 3i.

We have developed policies and procedures in relation to services received from third party providers. As far as possible, we will only work with suppliers who support our aim to source products and services responsibly. We aim to have a collaborative relationship with our service providers and, wherever possible, will work with them when problems or issues arise to help them meet our requirements. We monitor ESG issues with key suppliers and ask for progress reports on a regular basis.

Sustainable procurement


Corporate responsibility policies