3i is fully committed to being an equal opportunities employer, and is opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.  3i believes the skills, capability and talent of its employees are the key to its success.  There are great benefits to be gained from diversity and variety in a workforce and 3i encourages this diversity.

3i is an accredited London Living Wage Employer which means that every member of staff based in London, including contracted maintenance and reception teams, earns a ‘living wage’ which is an hourly rate higher than the UK minimum wage and is set independently, updated annually and based on the cost of living in the UK.

3i’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy aims to ensure that all 3i employees (temporary and permanent), contract workers and job applicants are treated fairly and are offered equal opportunity in selection, training, career development, promotion and remuneration.  The policy also intends to ensure that employees are recruited, promoted and rewarded on the basis of merit, ability and performance.  Specifically, our aim is to ensure that:

  • we have access to the widest labour market and secure the best employees;
  • people are selected, promoted and treated fairly and according to merit, ability and performance, enabling us to maximise potential to the benefit of individuals and 3i;
  • we have employment procedures and practices which do not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, marital status, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or religious belief, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected category;
  • we treat all those with whom we come into contact with respect;
  • we meet our statutory obligations regarding employment legislation;
  • we communicate the Equal Opportunities Policy and responsibilities for achieving fairness and equality; and
  • senior managers understand their responsibility for enforcing this policy and we all share responsibility for upholding it.

At 31 March 2014 3i had a total of 266 employees and this is how they broke down by gender:

  Number Male Female
All 3i employees1 266 166 (62%) 100 (38%)
3i Group plc directors 8 6 (75%) 2 (25%)
Senior managers2 47 39 (83%) 8 (17%)

1 This excludes staff providing temporary cover for maternity leave where the employee on maternity leave is included and also excludes one member of staff on long-term sick leave.

2 ‘Senior managers' excludes Simon Borrows and Julia Wilson (who are included as Directors of 3i Group plc) and included 27 people who were directors of consolidated undertakings, of whom 25 are male and 2 are female.