3i's funding objective is that sufficient liquidity is available to the business to meet 3i’s ongoing requirements.

3i Group plc raises long-term committed funds from the bank and capital markets. The company was previously authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority as a deposit taker. It relinquished this status on 27 May 2005. 3i Investments plc, a subsidiary of 3i Group plc, acts as manager of 3i Group's investments and those of various external clients and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

3i Group plc has now ceased to maintain it’s £2bn Note Issuance Programme, from which it has made public issues of bonds and notes as well as private placements.

The Group is able to draw under committed facilities:

  • £50m multicurrency facility 29 Apr 2016*
  • £450m multicurrency facility 30 Jun 2016*

* Subject to one financial covenant described as an Asset Cover Ratio (ACR).  Required cover of 1.45x total assets over gross debt.

3i Group plc's long and short term ratings have been assessed as BBB Stable/A-2 by Standard & Poors and Baa2 Stable/P-2 by Moodys.