3i's strategic goal is to be a leading international manager of third-party and proprietary capital, with three strong investment businesses delivering top quartile cash investment returns:

Private Equity - Mid-market private equity business focused on investing in northern Europe and North America.

Infrastructure - Infrastructure investor focused on investing in utilities, transportation and social infrastructure in Europe.

Debt Management - Loan manager specialising in the management of third-party capital, invested in non-investment grade debt in Europe and the US.

The Group funds its investments with a mixture of its own shareholders' funds and borrowings. The borrowed funds are obtained from both the bank and capital markets.

We aim to keep our stakeholders well informed about the performance of the Group and to present our results in a form that is most appropriate to their particular needs. This section of our website is aimed primarily at those whose main focus is the covenant of 3i Group plc as a borrower.

For further information, please contact:

Matt Shelley, Group Treasurer
Tel: +44 (0)20 7975 3189

Group structure