Debt Management

3i Debt Management is a leading global credit management business. We manage funds which invest primarily in senior secured corporate debt issued by mid and large-cap corporates in the UK, Europe and the US. Assets under management as of 30 September 2015 were circa $11.5 billion.

3i Debt Management manages a range of funds and strategies on behalf of institutional investors. For more information about 3i Debt Management and our funds please contact us at

Fund Strategies

3i US Senior Loan Fund
Senior secured US corporate loans

3i European Middle Market Fund
Loans to middle market European companies

3i Global Floating Rate Income Fund
Senior secured floating rate loans to companies in Europe and the US

Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLOs)
Leveraged funds investing in loans to European and US companies

Vintage Private Equity Fund of Funds
Private equity fund investments

Customised Accounts
Individual portfolios tailored to suit investor requirements

Debt Management
Debt Management Team
Jeremy Ghose
Managing Partner and CEO (3i DMI)
John Fraser
Managing Partner 3iDM US
Andrew Bellis
Managing Director
Interview with Jeremy Ghose on Private Lending in the US and Europe
Interview with Andrew Bellis on the loan markets

Preqin, April 2016

Interview with Andrew Bellis on the loan markets
Interview with Andrew Bellis on the loan markets

Source: CAMRADATA – Asset View, March 2016

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