3i Debt Management is a global credit management business. We have over $11 billion of assets under management and specialise in the management of third party funds which invest primarily in non-investment grade floating rate debt issued by European and US companies.

We have a highly experienced team of investment professionals, with offices in London, New York and Singapore. The team manages a range of closed and open-ended strategies for institutional investors focussing on loans to mid and large-cap corporates.

3i Debt Management’s core objective is to achieve consistent outperformance for investors by careful asset selection and dynamic portfolio management. Rigorous and bottom-up credit analysis focussing on business fundamentals is at the heart of each and every investment decision we make.

For more information about 3i Debt Management and our funds please contact us at 3iDM_IR@3i.com.

Debt Management Team
Jeremy Ghose
Managing Partner and CEO (3i DMI)
John Fraser
Managing Partner 3iDM US