Our approach

Our Infrastructure team invests in companies with stable underlying performance: asset-intensive businesses and projects, providing essential services over the long term, often on a regulated basis, or with significant contracted revenues.

Economic infrastructure businesses


Greenfield projects

Low-risk energy

Businesses generally:

  • own their asset base in perpetuity
  • often provide essential services
  • have a strong market position
  • generate stable cash flows

PPPs to build, commission and operate infrastructure such as government buildings, social infrastructure and roads

Low-risk energy projects, other means of energy generation, transmission and storage, telecommunications, accommodation and transportation projects

Some businesses may have some characteristics which, through our engaged asset management approach, can enhance returns:

  • growth opportunities
  • demand/market risk
  • greater operational complexity

Concession-based with typical life of 20-30 years

Typical life of 20-30 years

Equity investments typically between £50m and £250m

Equity investments typically between £5m and £50m

Returns typically between 9% and 14%

Returns typically between 9% and 12%