Supreme Infrastructure BOT Holdings Private Limited

Nature of the business

Supreme Infrastructure BOT Holdings Private Limited (“Supreme”) is a road holding company of Supreme Infrastructure Limited (“SIIL”), a listed Engineering, Procurement and Contractor (“EPC”) company with experience in constructing roads, bridges, buildings, power distribution, railways and water infrastructure facilities.

SIIL holds a 51% stake in Supreme, with 3i IIF holding the balance. Supreme holds between 90% and 100% equity stakes in three build-operate-transfer (“BOT”) project SPVs for a total of c. 170km.

Investment rationale

Indian roads are an attractive asset class. There are standard processes in place to bid for road concessions and acquiring the required land; this means that road concessions carry low execution risk compared to other infrastructure assets.

SIIL and its management team are reputed and respected road contractors with a strong track record of project execution in the State of Maharashtra.

Supreme has an attractive portfolio: All three BOT projects involve the expansion or upgrading of existing roads on flat non-urban terrain, thereby mitigating the risk of greenfield development and traffic risk.