Creating value

The Manager has extensive experience of managing PPP projects and has developed an ‘active management’ approach to identify and realise the potential to optimise value from a PPP project as well as incremental benefits from the management of a portfolio of projects.

Key features of our active management approach:

  • Board representation on every project
  • Proactive project financing and refinancing when appropriate
  • Contract structuring
  • Operational support
  • SPV management
  • Regular portfolio monitoring
  • Investing for yield and long-term value creation

Active management also quickly identifies potential issues which may adversely impact value, allowing steps to be taken promptly to mitigate loss.

There are team members dedicated to asset management and investment professionals assume asset management responsibilities in relation to investments they have been involved in.

3i Infrastructure is also able to draw on the resources of Infrastructure Managers Limited (“IML”) and other third party expertise to manage PPP projects effectively and optimise value. IML was established by the 3i PPP Infrastructure team in 2005 to provide day-to-day management services for PPP projects in the UK and to help implement value enhancement and value protection initiatives determined by the Manager. IML has grown to a team of c.50 staff providing such services to a range of clients. It is now wholly owned by BIIF LP.