Our ability to drive value growth in our portfolio companies is underpinned by the scale of our international resources, sector knowledge and network.

We have a long-established, on the ground presence in 9 countries across Europe, Asia and North America. Our country-based teams are made up of local investment professionals who have a deep understanding of their local culture, language and business environment. This allows them to identify market-leading businesses in their region and then work closely with owners and management teams to accelerate their international growth plans by leveraging 3i’s network.

Our aim is simple: to give management teams the tools they need to build lasting capabilities and competitive advantage.

We do this by

  • Providing access to our international network and local market insight, to accelerate international growth
  • Supporting businesses to realise functional excellence through best-in-class strategic, operational, commercial and financial practices
  • Facilitating inter-portfolio knowledge-sharing
  • Connecting management teams with exceptional executives and entrepreneurs globally through our Business Leaders Network
  • Leveraging our in-house banking team’s expertise in providing financial and debt-advisory services, to ensure our investee companies have access to the optimal financing packages to support their growth plans


Creating value

Our Active Partnership approach is how we spot and create value, our aim is simple: to give management the tools they need to build lasting capabilities and competitive advantage. We apply our operational and financial skills in the following key areas:

  • Strategic and sector insight
  • Operational and functional excellence
  • Outstanding governance

We look at these three elements together - great operational capabilities need the right strategy and strong governance to generate a market leading business.

Delivering an ambitious accelerated growth plan demands superior operational and functional capabilities. We connect management teams with exceptional executive and non-executive talent through our international Business Leaders Network.

Our Business Leaders Network allows us to support our investee
companies by:

  • Introducing Board-level management expertise: Access to best in class Chairman, CFO and NXD contacts with deep sector experience to support operational and strategic plans
  • Facilitating inter-portfolio knowledge-sharing: Connecting management teams with exceptional executives and entrepreneurs from within our international private equity portfolio.

Our experienced team of in-house banking professionals provide debt advisory services that support both our portfolio companies and 3i’s investment decision making.

In recognition of the benefits of consolidating key financing relationships,
3i was one of the first private equity groups to establish a specialist in-house resource. The long-standing team remains one of the most developed in the industry, actively supporting our private equity portfolio companies, as well as banking relationships across 3i Group.

By providing a common point of contact across geographies, the team is able to offer exceptional insight into international debt markets and financing best practice.

Our team advises on all key financing stages, including:

Pre-acquisition and primary financing support

  • Close monitoring of the debt capital markets for primary issuance
  • Identification of the most commercially attractive acquisition debt package
  • Evaluating pricing, structure and documentation
  • Attracting a supportive group of banks and, where appropriate, underwriting debt for 3i Private Equity to offer a competitive advantage

Throughout the life of a portfolio company

  • Debt syndicate management
  • Treasury (hedging and alternative / ancillary sources of capital) / working capital
  • Assistance on waivers, amendments and restructurings
  • Expansion financing, and
  • Exit financing (staple or vendor financing)