Data for 3i Corporation Recommendations

The following assets involved a past recommendation by 3i Corporation, a US wholly owned subsidiary of 3i Group plc, from January 2007 to date. It should not be assumed that recommendations made in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of the securities in this list.

Quintiles (partially realised: May 2013, March 2014, November 2014, May 2015, July 2015): invested US$428m in January 2008, money multiple of 3.24x*.

TouchTunes Interactive Network (fully realised, April 2015): invested US$40m in August 2011, money multiple of 2.1x.

Phibro (fully realised, February 2015): invested US$129m in March 2008, money multiple of 1.7x.

Mold-Masters (fully realised, February 2013): invested CAD166m in October 2007, money multiple of 2.7x.

Butterfield Fulcrum (fully realised, June 2011): invested US$139m in June 2007, money multiple of 0.1x.

GAIN Capital (fully realised, December 2010 IPO): invested US$97m in January 2008, money multiple of 0.88x.

* Money multiple reflects 3i and managed fund’s cash proceeds (including interest or dividend income) over cash invested, translated into sterling at exchange rate at the time of the cash flow. For current investments the latest published valuation is included in the money multiple calculation. Investments not fully realised unless otherwise stated. List updated 4 August 2015