JMJ Associates

JMJ Associates

Region: UK, North America,
Sector: Business Services

Nature of Business

JMJ Associates is a US-headquartered, leading, global management consultancy with a focus on supporting multinational companies with complex capital programmes and operations. JMJ works with clients, to significantly enhance their workplace safety and their project and organisational team performance through behavioural and cultural transformation.

JMJ has offices in London, Austin, Houston, Doha, Johannesburg, Perth, Brisbane, Busan, Shanghai and Singapore. The company’s high-quality, and longstanding, customer base includes market leading businesses in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Mining and Metals and Construction industries globally.

Investment Overview

3i, and funds managed by 3i, acquired a majority stake from the management team in October 2013.

JMJ’s future growth will come from its strong underlying end-markets, the increasing complexity and size of major capital projects, rising global spending on workplace safety, increased adoption of cultural, behavioural and leadership based approaches to improve organisational performance, and continued growth in the utilisation of external expertise in safety and project execution services.

We have introduced Pete Regan as Chairman. Pete has worked with us in other business services investments, including at ERM, where he was CEO and then Chairman, and Element Materials Technology, the global testing firm, where he is Chairman. Pete has a unique experience in developing global consulting firms and will be an asset to JMJ.

We will support JMJ’s expansion by providing operational and strategic support, as well as using our international network to identify and support further growth opportunities.

Regulatory notice: This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc.

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North America

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New York, NY 10165

Tel: +1 (212) 848 1400
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