LHi Technology Private Limited

Region: Singapore
Sector: Healthcare

Nature of Business

LHi Technology is a leading medical cables manufacturer, focused on the production of patient monitoring and surgical cable interconnects and assemblies. It is a major supplier to the growing global medical assemblies market and is the only Asia-based supplier to develop, manufacture and sell medical cable assemblies exclusively to medical device companies and original equipment manufacturers internationally.

Founded by a Singaporean entrepreneur, LHi operates from a high-quality manufacturing base in Shenzhen, China. The company also has offices in Hong Kong, the US, Europe and Japan.

Investment Overview

We completed the secondary buyout of LHi Technology in April 2008 in a €72m deal. LHi had already carved out a profitable and prominent niche in the growing medical assemblies market and we recognised a clear opportunity to align this potential using our experience in the healthcare sector and leveraging our Asian network.

Working in partnership with the management team, we have implemented several strategies during our investment to drive growth, increase the company’s technical capabilities, plan for succession and optimise key costs such as freight and distribution.

LHi’s key strengths are its world class engineering and design capability combined with its low-cost, highly-efficient manufacturing facility in China, which enable the company to maintain stable pricing and robust margins. This product development capability combined with flexibility in production means that it is very focused on new product development.

In parallel with its customers, LHi is evolving from an outsourcing model to being intimately engaged with new product design and development. This is reflected in the rapidly expanding product range with LHi now supplying cables for patient monitoring, electrosurgical and video applications.

Using our Asian network, we introduced a seasoned industry player, Al Bautista, as Chairman. He is providing guidance to the CEO, Scott Hayden, on operational initiatives, including sales force effectiveness and marketing strategy. In particular he is focusing on supporting the US sales force to target new sectors. In June 2012, LHi was awarded the GE Innovation award for its outstanding performance in quality, delivery and cost reduction.

Regulatory notice: This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc, advised by 3i Singapore.

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