Region: Germany,
Sector: Industrial

Nature of Business

Scandlines is a European ferry operator established in 1998 by a merger of the largest national ferry companies in Denmark and Germany.

It specialises in rapid, reliable and comfortable transportation of passengers and freight in Danish and German coastal waters. Scandlines’ activities also include catering services, together with retail sales of goods in on-board and on-shore shops and restaurants.

With more than 45,000 departures on seven ferries, in 2015 Scandlines transported 7.6 million passengers, 1.8 million cars and 500,000 freight units on the Puttgarden-Rodby and Rostock-Gedser routes.

Investment Overview

In June 2007 we initially invested for a 40% stake in Scandlines. In 2010, we bought a further 10% and in November 2013 we acquired the remaining 50% of the business from Allianz Capital Partners. As part of this acquisition, Scandlines successfully refinanced its current debt facilities into a new €875m package to help fund its future strategic objectives.

We are strengthening Scandlines Group as a ferry shipping company in the Baltic Sea region by continuing the transformation from a state-owned business into a ‘best in class’ operator.

Scandlines is driving sales growth in its core vehicle-transportation business and transforming its border shops. It has implemented a yield management project to avoid waiting time at peak hours.

Scandlines’ longer term potential is demonstrated by the company’s groundbreaking green initiatives and the decision to build two new ferries for the Rostock-Gedser route; these provide increased capacity and frequency of crossings.

Through our Business Leaders Network, we introduced Steve Ridgway to Scandlines, who was appointed as Chairman. Steve brings over 30 years experience from Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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