Acknowledged for our partnership style, we bring our investment expertise, sector insight and relationships together to build lasting value within healthcare businesses across Europe, Asia and the Americas.


We invest in three core sub-sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology: Within this wide-ranging sector, we see opportunities in the following key areas: Specialty Pharma, Generics / OTC, Drug Delivery and Animal Health.
  • Healthcare Services: This is the largest and most rapidly-evolving sub-sector within the global healthcare industry and includes activities such as elderly and specialty care, including caring for people in their own homes, in hospital and in community facilities, as well as operational services such as outsourced support, clinical services and B2B contract services.
  • Medical devices and technology: This sub-sector deals with a range of devices, medical equipment and consumables, diagnostics and healthcare IT encompassing a means to identify the nature of health conditions and to allow intervention with methods that increase life span and/or improve the quality of care and life.

Across the world, the upward trend in healthcare spending is relentless, driven by powerful and enduring factors: ageing populations in Europe and the Americas, rising affluence in Asia, and a widespread mindset that expects every new treatment to be instantly available.

These fundamental drivers of growth make healthcare a resilient and compelling sector for investors, especially at times of global uncertainty. Therefore, of particular interest are products and services which help to drive cost out of the provision of healthcare in parallel with improving the quality of service.

We have an on-the-ground presence in four continents and a strong network of experts across the large corporate healthcare providers, clinicians and policy-makers. By taking a global view of trends and migrating innovation to where it is needed, we are playing a strong part in building efficient, international healthcare businesses.