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    Established in 1993, Benelux-based Action is the leading non-food discount retailer in Europe. Large-scale procurement, optimal distribution and a cost-conscious corporate culture ensure very low prices. The core product assortment includes household goods and office supplies, cosmetics, personal care, snacks, food, toys, textiles, glass, porcelain and pottery, seasonal, decorative and DIY.

    Action generates revenues of over €3bn per annum. Its business model differs from that of more traditional retailers because only c35% of its total product range is fixed. Action aims to surprise its customers with a constantly refreshed product range at amazingly low prices. The business model is summarised by the slogan: "more than you expect for less than you imagine".


    • Won "European Retailer of the Year" award for three consecutive years
    • Opened five distribution centres
    • Operates more than 1,250 stores across seven countries and employs over 45,000 staff
    • Leveraging our network, experience and resources to further internationalise the business
    "Action continues to perform strongly by expanding rapidly. The company has become a seasoned issuer in the debt markets. The strong demand from investors reflects the high level of support for Action’s strategy and management.” Robert Van Goethem, Partner and Head of Consumer
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