Corporate responsibility

Message from the Chief Executive

Upholding high corporate responsibility standards is central to our reputation and, ultimately, to our ability to drive value from our investments, and therefore to our success as a business.

"A strong reputation is key to gaining and maintaining the trust of our shareholders, investors in our funds, investee companies, as well as the participants in our markets. It is also essential to recruiting and retaining high‑calibre employees and building a strong network in our markets."

Simon Borrows
Chief Executive
May 2017

Simon Borrows - Chief Executive

Our corporate responsibility strategy is defined by three key priorities:


Recruit and develop a diverse pool of talent

Our people are our main asset and recruiting, retaining and developing our talent is one of our most important priorities. We promote an open communication culture and provide an inclusive and supportive working environment with opportunities for training and career development. We value diversity and our employees are recruited, promoted and rewarded on the basis of merit, ability and performance.


Invest responsibly

We believe that a responsible approach to investment will add value to our portfolio. Our Responsible Investment policy is embedded within our investment and portfolio management processes. It informs our investment decisions and our behaviours as a responsible and engaged asset owner and manager.


Act as a good corporate citizen

We strive to embed responsible business practices throughout our organisation. We do this by not only having robust policies and processes in place, but also by promoting the right culture. Our employees are expected to act with integrity, be accountable for their behaviour, and to approach their roles with ambition, rigour and energy. All employees are evaluated annually against our values as part of our formal appraisal process.

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