Investor relations

Issues and maturities

The table below shows the bonds and notes that have been issued and the facilities that have been put in place to achieve these objectives.

Bonds and notes issues

Issuer Original amount
Amount outstanding
Maturity Fixed/
Coupon Coupon frequency
3i Group plc GBP 200 GBP 200 09 Mar 23 Fixed 6.875% Annual
3i Group plc GBP 400 GBP 375 03 Dec 32 Fixed 5.750% Semi-annual

The maturity profile of our bonds is shown on the following chart.

Debt maturity profile


Committed facilities

Borrowers Committed Start Date Maturity Date Type
3i Group plc £350m committed until 5 September 2020, £328.5m committed from 6 September 2020 to 5 September 2021 5 Sep 14 5 Sep 21 Multi-currency revolving credit facility


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Ian Cooper

Group Treasurer
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