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Portfolio: Action

An overview of 3i’s investment in Action, a leading non-food value-for-money retailer.

Overview of 3i Private Equity
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Head of Private Equity, Alan Giddins, and Partner Menno Antal give an overview of the 3i Private Equity business and strategy

3i technology roundtable
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Guest speaker Arno Robbertse, Managing Partner of G3 shares the key takeaways from our technology roundtable from March 2017.

Active partnership
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Menno Antal explains 3i’s approach to working with its portfolio companies.

Portfolio: Elenia

3i’s Phil White and Elenia’s CEO, Tapani Liuhala, and COO, Jorma Myllymäki, discuss how Elenia grew and developed during our 5 year partnership.

Value for money

3i’s Boris Kawohl discusses what makes the value for money sector attractive to private equity investors and why the discount trend will continue.

Portfolio: Scandlines

Scandlines CEO Søren Poulsgaard Jensen and 3i’s Peter Wirtz talk about Scandlines’ transformation from a state-owned business into a ‘best in class’ operator.

Portfolio: Audley
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Ian Simkins, Chief Executive of Audley, discusses Audley’s international expansion into the US and partnership with 3i.

Portfolio: Basic Fit
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3i’s Pieter de Jong and Rene Moos, CEO of Basic-Fit, discuss Basic-Fit’s growth story and the partnership with 3i.

Portfolio: Element
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Ad Verkuyten, Non-Executive Director of Element, describes how 3i’s sector expertise led to the transformation of Element.

Portfolio: Mayborn
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Paul Mason, Chairman of Mayborn, and 3i’s Alan Giddins and Eva Sarma, tell the story of how Mayborn became the world’s fifth biggest baby products company.

Portfolio: BoConcept
BoConcept Image.jpg

A quick introduction to BoConcept, the world-leading developer of interior design and furniture concepts.

Portfolio: Hans Anders
Hans Anders Image.jpg

A brief overview of Hans Anders, our market leading, value-for-money optical retailer.

Portfolio: Schlemmer

A snapshot of how 3i is supporting Schlemmer’s future growth.

Portfolio: Ponroy Santé Group

A short introduction to our investment in Ponroy Santé Group, a leading manufacturer of natural consumer healthcare products.

Portfolio: Formel D

A brief insight into Formel D, a global service provider to the automotive industry.

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