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3i Infrastructure plc, a listed infrastructure investment company managed by 3i, completed its investment in Attero, a leading Energy from Waste (“EfW”) operator and waste management provider in the Netherlands, in June 2018.

Attero takes unsorted household and commercial waste from a range of countries across Europe. Through a process of sorting, separation and treatment, the business converts this waste into raw material and recycled products which can be resold, along with heat and power. This reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, increases the volume of recycled materials in use and provides a source of renewable energy.

Attero’s business model is backed by important environmental policy targets across Europe. The EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy prescribes a steep reduction in landfilling of waste across Europe.

Attero is one of the largest providers of integrated waste management processing in Europe supporting this important goal.

Energy from EfW plants is considered renewable energy generation in the Netherlands.

Since investment in June 2018, the Dutch and UK waste markets have continued to experience insufficient capacity in EfW and plastics recycling installations, a trend which continues to support Attero’s business model. Since investment, Attero unveiled a new steam turbine which can supply 120 MW to the grid, as well as a new Polymer Recycling Plant which can convert 24,000 tons of waste plastics per year into low-density polyethylene which is widely used to manufacture plastic containers and bags.

The investment into these new capabilities grows Attero’s footprint across the waste processing chain and sustainable energy generation.

100% of the organic waste is turned into compost and energy and only a minimal amount of the ash generated from the thermal treatment of residual waste is sent to landfill.



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