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Offshore Transmission Owners

Offshore Transmission Owner (“OFTO”) projects are key infrastructure assets facilitating the development of offshore wind power generation. 

OFTO projects involve the acquisition and operation of power transmission cables and associated electrical equipment connecting offshore wind farms to the onshore grid.

These projects operate under a licence awarded by Ofgem, the UK’s electricity regulator. 3i has played a key role in the financing of this infrastructure. Funds advised or managed by 3i own holdings in five OFTO projects in the UK, representing more than one third of the OFTO assets tendered in the UK to date.

Further OFTO assets are being tendered in the UK in 2016. We intend to leverage our track record to seek investment in more assets of this type both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, where similar opportunities may arise.

Key to map

Project Wind farm developer Wind farm size (MW)
1. Walney 1 DONG 184
2. Walney 2 DONG 184
3. Sheringham Shoal SCIRA 315
4. London Array E.ON/DONG/Masdar 630
5. West of Duddon Sands Scottish Power Renewables/DONG 389
TOTAL 1,702

All data as at 31 March 2016.

3i’s OFTO track record

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