Demographic and social change

Increasing life expectancy and reduced fertility rates in most of our core markets are resulting in an ageing and often declining population, which is increasingly urban. These structural, long-term trends are resulting in profound changes in consumer behaviour and preferences, and the development of policy responses to meet the challenges of greater longevity and the increasing prevalence of age-related chronic illness.

Private Equity

Focus on wellbeing and prevention through natural consumer healthcare

There is a growing global consumer trend towards natural healthcare and personal care products. This is driven by multiple factors, including an increasing awareness of the issues posed by the use of certain synthetic chemicals in some products, a desire for accountability and transparency in ingredients, packaging and sourcing, a rising incidence of allergies and an ageing population. As a result, health authorities are increasingly focusing on prevention through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and nutrition. As consumers become more informed and aware, they increase their consumption of natural and organic products that contain fewer potentially harmful ingredients and are more sustainable, in terms of sourcing, manufacture and packaging.

Headquartered in France, Havea is a leader in the natural consumer healthcare industry in Europe. It manufactures, designs and distributes a wide range of products from functional and natural food supplements to natural personal care products. The business operates in a highly regulated environment with strict health, safety and quality standards under the European Food and Safety Agency, which checks all products and validates their health claims. Havea’s products are made with sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients and are increasingly also sustainably packaged.

We have continued to support the business since we first invested in 2017, notably through a number of bolt-on acquisitions, which have increased the business’s critical mass and its ability to develop and market more sustainable products.

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