Climate change and resource scarcity

The response to the climate and environmental emergencies will be among the defining themes of our time. The transition to a more sustainable consumption model and the development of solutions to tackle global warming and climate change, either through regulatory ‘push’ or changes in consumer preferences, are going to provide attractive investment opportunities for many decades.

Group portfolio and Infrastructure

Reducing carbon emissions from transportation infrastructure

Successfully achieving a transition to a lower-carbon economy will require the abatement of emissions associated with public and private transport.

Scandlines operates two high-frequency and large-capacity crossings between Germany and Denmark: between Puttgarden and Rødby and Rostock and Gedser. Its ports and ferry routes constitute a crucial piece of infrastructure that connects motorways E47 and E55 between Europe and Scandinavia.

Since first investing in 2007 we have supported the investments made by Scandlines in a cleaner fleet of vessels, and in particular in hybrid propulsion and sulphur emissions reduction technology. The business pioneered hybrid ferries and has invested more than €300 million in this technology since 2013. All six of Scandlines’ passenger ferries now have hybrid propulsion technology and are equipped with state-of-the art scrubbers to reduce particulates emissions.

Scandlines continued along this path in 2020, despite the Covid-19 emergency, with several investments and activities to future proof its fleet and further reduce its impact on the environment. The business made green investments of around €6 million in 2020, including: 

  • the fitting of a 30-meter high rotor sail on one of its ferries to harness wind power and provide supplementary propulsion;
  • the installation of new thrusters on two ferries (having already installed one in 2019) which produce less noise and vibration, and ultimately reduce CO 2 emissions by up to 10-15%; and 
  • the re-painting of one of the ferries with silicone antifouling paint, which improves energy efficiency

Scandlines has committed to continue to make targeted investments with the aim of making the Puttgarden – Rødby route a zero-emissions crossing in the foreseeable future and realising its zero emission vision in the longer term. As a significant shareholder, 3i continues to support these objectives.

Through 3i Infrastructure plc, our main Infrastructure investment vehicle, we invested in Joulz, a Dutch company which, among other services, also designs, installs, leases and maintains medium voltage electricity infrastructure and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This is a growing business for Joulz, which we have supported notably through the acquisition, announced in April 2020, of GreenFlux’s electric vehicle charging station business.

Alongside charging infrastructure for electric vehicles Joulz has also recently acquired a rooftop solar developer, further strengthening its development into a leading integrated energy transition solutions provider.

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