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Demographic shifts and societal changes are intensifying pressures on health systems: populations in the developed world are becoming older, and developing countries are experiencing greater urbanisation and growth in their middle class, with middle-class comforts promoting increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Combined, these demographic changes are leading to a rising prevalence of chronic disease which will demand new thinking in the delivery of healthcare, innovation in therapeutics and an increased focus on prevention.

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Cirtec Medical

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Curing illnesses with interventional or implantable medical devices

Technological developments are opening up opportunities to treat life-threatening illnesses or chronic conditions with interventional or implantable medical devices. The use of such devices often delivers better patient outcomes than traditional drug therapies or invasive surgery, resulting in fewer side effects and shorter recovery times.

Cirtec Medical is a global provider of outsourced medical device and components design, engineering and manufacturing. It serves customers in the most innovative and fastest growing therapeutic end-markets and product platforms.

These are examples of applications for Cirtec Medical’s products:

Chronic conditions
Cirtec Medical is among the leaders in the manufacturing of implantable neuromodulation devices, used as an alternative to long-term drug therapy for the symptomatic relief of persistent or chronic conditions such as chronic pain, incontinence, sleep apnoea, migraine, Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy.

Structural heart procedures
Cirtec Medical’s products are used in transcatheter aortic and mitral valve replacement surgery, where artificial heart valves are inserted into the body with minimally invasive procedures. This serves as a lifesaving alternative for patients too weak to undergo open heart surgery and is increasingly being investigated for lower risk patients as it reduces complications and recovery times.

Cirtec Medical’s ultra-high precision, micron-scale thin film sensors are used for the manufacture of wearable sensors used in conjunction with continuous glucose monitoring devices, which monitor glucose levels 24 hours a day. When paired with an insulin pump, these sensors can moderate the flow of insulin to ensure glucose levels remain within a healthy range.

We have continued to support Cirtec Medical since our initial investment in 2017 through a number of buy-and-build acquisitions, integrating with new capabilities, adding product verticals and investing in high-value intellectual property.

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Contributing to the development of effective treatments for chronic illness and vaccines

Demographic changes across the world are leading to an increasing prevalence of major chronic diseases, such as cancer and autoimmune disease. Biologic drugs have proven successful in the treatment of many such diseases, with many more applications in the pipeline.

SaniSure is a leading manufacturer of single-use fluid management products and systems used in the bioprocessing of biologics and vaccines.

3i created the SaniSure platform through a buy-and-build process, combining Cellon, Silicone Altimex and TBL Performance Plastics in 2019 and then acquiring Sani-Tech West in 2020.

SaniSure serves the leading pharmaceutical, biotech and contract manufacturing customers worldwide and has a manufacturing and sales footprint across North America, continental Europe and the UK. It is now among the largest independent pure-play bioprocessing businesses in the world, serving a growing market which now includes the development and production of Covid-19 vaccines.

SaniSure’s products are used in the production of biologics, including fast growth niche areas such as cell & gene therapies. Biologic drugs are derived from living organisms and require a complex manufacturing process to ensure end-products are stable, safe and produced at optimal yields.

Its single-use bioprocessing fluid management products have significant advantages compared to multi-use technology in the development and manufacturing process, including increased flexibility and cleanliness, lower contamination rates and a lower environmental impact, as the adoption of single-use technology results in 50% less energy and water consumption compared to multi-use steel bioreactors.

SaniSure’s contribution to the development and production of Covid-19 vaccines

SaniSure has been contributing its expertise and products to the development and production processes for several of the leading Covid-19 vaccines to have been approved for inoculations globally, including several of the leading FDA and CE approved vaccines

Partnership with a leading Covid-19 vaccine developer

In February 2020 SaniSure was contacted by a leading institution that was developing a new Covid-19 vaccine. This organisation chose to use SaniSure’s PharmaTainer™ to manufacture the first doses of the vaccine which would eventually be used in the Phase 1 clinical trial.

As this programme progressed through clinical trials, SaniSure worked with the organisation and its manufacturing partners to rapidly scale up production.

SaniSure had strong relationships with key members of the supply chain that have leveraged its custom assemblies and PharmaTainer™ for their upstream and downstream processes for critical cancer therapies for several years.

SaniSure helped design, manufacture, sterilise and supply the new assemblies used in the production process. The assemblies produced by SaniSure are used to link bioreactors together to transfer the vaccine aseptically and avoid any contamination. SaniSure was able to produce finalised drawings, manufacture, sterilise and deliver new assemblies in less than five weeks. Its rapid scale up supported achieving fast time to clinical trials and commercial production of the Covid-19 vaccine.  

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Ensuring product safety through sterilisation

Sterilising medical and care equipment is an essential, non-discretionary part of the manufacturing process of a number of medical and pharmaceutical goods. Cold sterilisation is often required for products that contain heat-sensitive ingredients or components.

Ionisos is the leading independent European provider of cold sterilisation services. The business treats a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical goods, such as gloves, implants, surgical kits and dialysers, ensuring that they are sterile and safe to use, for example, in surgical procedures. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ionisos has contributed to the fight against the virus, notably sterilising primary packaging components for vaccines, swabs and sample containers for PCR tests.

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Focus on wellbeing and prevention through natural consumer healthcare

There is a growing global consumer trend towards natural healthcare and personal care products. This is driven by multiple factors, including an increasing awareness of the issues posed by the use of certain synthetic chemicals in some products, a desire for accountability and transparency in ingredients, packaging and sourcing, a rising incidence of allergies and an ageing population. As a result, health authorities are increasingly focusing on prevention through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and nutrition. As consumers become more informed and aware, they increase their consumption of natural and organic products that contain fewer potentially harmful ingredients and are more sustainable, in terms of sourcing, manufacture and packaging.

Headquartered in France, Havea is a leader in the natural consumer healthcare industry in Europe. It manufactures, designs and distributes a wide range of products from functional and natural food supplements to natural personal care products. The business operates in a highly regulated environment with strict health, safety and quality standards under the European Food and Safety Agency, which checks all products and validates their health claims. Havea’s products are made with sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients and are increasingly also sustainably packaged.

We have continued to support the business since we first invested in 2017, notably through a number of bolt-on acquisitions, which have increased the business’s critical mass and its ability to develop and market more sustainable products.

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