About us

3i is an investment company with three complementary businesses, Private Equity, Infrastructure and Debt Management, specialising in core investment markets in northern Europe and North America.

Our business Activity Investments What we do  
Private Equity
  • Investment and asset management to generate capital returns
  • Investments typically with an Enterprise Value of €100m–€500m at acquisition in our core investment markets of northern Europe and North America
  • Focused on Consumer, Industrial and Business Services sectors
unquoted assets

quoted stakes
  • Our local teams identify investment opportunities in businesses with international growth potential across our core sectors
  • Through our international network and our active partnership approach, drawing on our network of specialist business leaders, we support management teams to achieve the full potential of their businesses
Proprietary Capital value

3i and Funds value

  • Investment and asset management to generate capital returns and cash income
  • Invest and manage a portfolio of mid-market economic infrastructure businesses, and greenfield and low-risk energy projects
  • Invest in developed markets, with a focus on the UK and Europe
holding in 3iN
  • We advise 3iN on originating and investing in opportunities in its target sectors
  • We manage funds and other third-party capital in complementary sectors, including PPP and infrastructure
  • We implement our investment approach through a team of investment professionals based in London and Paris, as well as 3i’s wider network of offices
Proprietary Capital value


Debt Management
  • Fund management and investment to generate recurring cash income
  • Launch and manage CLO funds in North America and Europe with an approximate size of US$500m/€400m
  • Develop and manage senior debt funds that invest in North America and Europe
  • Invest in CLO equity and seed capital in senior debt funds
in 24 CLO equity investments

seed capital in two senior debt funds
  • The team manages portfolios of assets from offices in London and New York
  • Our core objective is to achieve consistent out performance for debt investors through active portfolio management
  • Active trading of credit investments
Proprietary Capital value