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Stores grown from 245 to 2,300
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From a local Dutch company to a European market leader with ​2,300 stores and c.80,000 employees in 11 countries​

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Investment date

2011 - current

Good to great


46% increase in EBITDA in 2022
3I Growth Graph

EBITDA increased more than 17x from €71m in 2010 to €1,205m in Dec 2022


stores in 11 countries
3I International

Stores increased 9x from 245 to 2,300 in 2023, with the number of annual store openings increasing since 3i investment from 20-25 per year to 280 in 2022​

Number of employees increased from c.8,000 to more than c.80,000


net sales CAGR between 2010-2022
3I Money Multiple

Sales increased >14x from €607m in 2010 to €8,859m in 2022

Key events under our ownership

Rapid international growth delivered expanding into France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Slovakia, with the majority of sales now outside the Netherlands​
Aligned growth of supply chain operating model, operating 12 distribution centres and three cross-docking hubs across Europe to efficiently stock and sell products in 11 countries​
Won "European Retailer of the Year" award for ​three consecutive years​
Extended its sourcing from being purely Dutch to setting up direct Asian sourcing operations
Action Sustainability Programme (ASP) focused on People, Planet, Product and Partnership. Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions reduced by 40% from a 2021 baseline