Our strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives

As an international investor and manager, we focus on opportunities where our sector and investment expertise, combined with our international presence and strong capital position, can create material value for our stakeholders.
How we create value

Our expertise and strong balance sheet differentiate our investment proposition and underpin our capability to deliver growth and returns to shareholders.

  1. Invest in opportunities
  2. Generate returns
  3. Re-invest
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Over 75 years of evolution at 3i

Starting with capital of £15 million in 1945, today 3i is a leading international investment company focusing on private equity and infrastructure.

Our History
3i Covid-19 Charitable Fund

Learn about the charities we have supported through our Covid-19 Charitable Fund

COVID-19 Charitable Fund
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Offices in 7 countries across 3 continents.

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Our businesses

Private Equity
Investing in good businesses to make them great
Investing in economic infrastructure and greenfield projects
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