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Our business model

We create value growth principally by investing in a diverse portfolio of mid-market private equity and infrastructure investments. We cover our operating costs with fees generated by our Infrastructure business and some income from our portfolio, thereby minimising the dilution to returns.

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Our institutional culture and values
Our institutional culture, policies and procedures, led by the Investment Committee and Executive Committee, ensure a disciplined, responsible and selective approach to investment and divestment decisions.

Effective risk management
Integrity, rigour and accountability, combined with robust processes, are central to our institutional culture and underpin our approach to risk management and the successful delivery of our strategic objectives.

Strong corporate governance
A balanced and effective Board, that seeks to ensure that the Group’s culture is aligned with its purpose and values, and that the Company has the necessary financial and human resources to drive long-term sustainable success.

Our responsible approach
We are committed to managing our business sustainably. We take responsibility for our actions as an employer, investor, and an international corporate citizen.

The knowledge and skills of our teams, where sector and international experience come together, is a crucial part of our origination and value creation

Access to capital
We create value by investing our proprietary capital in a portfolio of mid-market companies and cover our operating costs from fee and portfolio income

Business leaders network
Our global network of advisers and business leaders assists us to identify, access and assess opportunities, transform businesses and drive value

Active partnership
We work with our portfolio companies to achieve their full potential and generate good returns for our shareholders through the cycle

As an investment company with a 75-year history, our brand strength and long-term approach underpin our reputation as a responsible investor and business

Value creation

We manage our balance sheet conservatively. We maintain a tight grip on operating costs
and cover these with fund management fees and portfolio income. 

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