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3i Infrastructure: Shares Magazine
Shares Mag

James Dawes, CFO, Infrastructure, speaks to AJ Bell’s Shares Magazine about 3i Infrastructure and the megatrends underpinning its strategy.

3i Infrastructure: Attero
Attero Wijster 23

During 3i Infrastructure’s five-year investment, the leading waste treatment business Attero doubled its earnings and opened a new electricity turbine capable of powering over 200,000 households. 3i’s Aaron Church and Attero CEO Paul Ganzeboom discuss the partnership.

Portfolio: VakantieDiscounter

Find out more about the leading online holiday booking platform in the Netherlands and Belgium, which offers 13 billion package combinations in more than 50 countries.

Portfolio: Smarte Carte
Smarte Carte Thumbnail 2023

Smarte Carte CEO, Drew Niemeyer, and 3i’s Rob Collins, Chairman of the Board, discuss the growth of Smarte Carte and its international growth plans.

Portfolio: Evernex
Evernex Video Thumbnail (1)

Evernex helps build a greener digital world by repairing, reusing and recycling IT equipment in more than 165 countries. Find out how.

3i Infrastructure: Infinis

3i’s Tim Short and Infinis CEO, Shane Pickering, discuss how the partnership transformed Infinis from a landfill gas business into a leading, diversified, low-carbon energy platform.

3i Infrastructure portfolio: TCR
Tarmac 2017 04 Brussels Airlines Tcrv2 (1)

3i’s Céline Maronne and TCR’s CEO, Tom Bellekens, explore how the partnership with 3i Infrastructure helped TCR grow from a European business into a global player.

Track record: Havea

3i’s Rémi Carnimolla and Havea’s Nicolas Brodetsky discuss how the partnership helped Havea make five acquisitions in five years and double the size of the business.

Portfolio: BoConcept
Boconcept Thumbnail

Mikael Kruse Jensen, CEO of BoConcept, discusses how the partnership with 3i helped BoConcept grow from a furniture retailer into a global interior design brand.

Portfolio: nexeye
Nexeye Thumbnail

nexeye CEO, Bart van den Nieuwenhof, discusses how the partnership with 3i helped nexeye transform from a discount optical brand to a leading omni-channel retail platform.

3i Covid-19 Charitable Fund
Video Page Thumbnail Blue Edge

Learn about the charities we have supported through our Covid-19 Charitable Fund.

Sustainability, 3i Infrastructure
Anna One

Anna Dellis, Partner, explains what sustainability means to 3i Infrastructure

Digital trends
Digital Trends Thumbnail

Simon Andersen discusses B2C digital trends in 2021

Track record: WIG
Wig Video Lib Thumb

3i’s Phil White and Matt Barker tell the story of our investment in Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG).

Digital Thumbnail

3i’s Simon Andersen explains how 3i creates value through digital

AIC - Renewable energy investment
Aic Infrastrcuture Thumb 2

Phil White, 3i’s Head of Infrastructure, shares his thoughts on renewable energy investment with the AIC.

AIC - Infrastructure investing
Aic Infrastrcuture Thumb 2

Phil White, Head of Infrastructure at 3i, discusses the importance of risk management in the AIC’s educational video on infrastructure investment.

Track record: XLT
XLT Cross Trains

Find out how 3i Infrastructure and XLT worked together to deliver 115 new trains on time and on budget

Portfolio: Valorem

3i’s Stéphane Grandguillaume and Frédéric Lanoë, CEO of Valorem, discuss their partnership and Valorem’s growth plans

Track record: ATESTEO

Wolfgang Schmitz, CEO of ATESTEO, explains how 3i’s expertise in the automotive industry helped ATESTEO accelerate its international growth.

Value for money
Value Money Thumb

3i’s Boris Kawohl discusses what makes the value for money sector attractive to private equity investors and why the discount trend will continue.

Portfolio: Action

An overview of 3i’s investment in Action, a leading non-food value-for-money retailer.

Portfolio: Basic Fit
Basic Fit

3i’s Pieter de Jong and Rene Moos, CEO of Basic-Fit, discuss Basic-Fit’s growth story and the partnership with 3i.

Track record: Element

Ad Verkuyten, Non-Executive Director of Element, describes how 3i’s sector expertise led to the transformation of Element.

Track record: Elenia

3i’s Phil White and Elenia’s CEO, Tapani Liuhala, and COO, Jorma Myllymäki, discuss how Elenia grew and developed during our 5 year partnership.

Portfolio: Formel D
Logo Formel D

A brief insight into Formel D, a global service provider to the automotive industry.

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