Responsible investment

With fewer than 240 employees globally and a small office footprint, 3i has a relatively small direct impact in terms of the environment and other sustainability issues. However, with assets under management of £16.9 billion, we have the influence and opportunity to have a greater positive impact through the decisions we make across our portfolio.
  • we carry out our investment activities according to our Responsible Investment policy, which is embedded in our processes. We have also been signatories to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment since 2011;
  • thanks to our proprietary capital we have a medium to long-term investment horizon. In addition, we typically have majority or significant minority stakes in our portfolio companies and, since 2012, have always been represented on their boards. We are therefore well placed to drive long-term, sustainable growth in our portfolio. This involves the continuous assessment, monitoring and management of the long-term sustainability factors relevant to our portfolio investments, and the associated risks and opportunities; and
  • we make a limited number of new investments each year, allowing us to be very selective. We have the flexibility to screen out opportunities that have an unsustainable impact on the environment and societies in which they operate, inconsistent with generating long-term value. We are committed to evolving our approach to responsible investment continuously, and have an interdisciplinary sustainability project team devoted to that task.
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