Target markets

Economic infrastructure businesses

Focus on the UK, Europe and North America

£50m - £250m
Typical range of equity investments

Businesses generally:

  • own their asset base in perpetuity
  • provide essential services
  • have a strong market position
  • generate stable cash flows

Some businesses may have some characteristics which, through our engaged asset management approach, can enhance returns.



Focus on the UK and Europe

£5m - £50m
Typical range of equity investments

PPPs to build, commission and operate infrastructure such as government buildings, social infrastructure and roads.

Low-risk energy projects, other means of energy generation, transmission and storage, telecommunications, accommodation and transportation projects.

Operational projects

Invest in operational PPP projects across Europe, with a focus on France, the Benelux, Germany, Italy and Iberia and sub-sectors such as social infrastructure and transportation.

Investments will be made through the 3i European Operational Projects Fund which aims to provide long-term yield to institutional investors. Since 1998, 3i’s infrastructure team has invested a total of c. £2 billion in 260 PPP projects across Europe and has built many longstanding relationships with major construction companies, operators and utilities across the continent.

Sector approach

3i’s Infrastructure team looks at a range of investment opportunities across adjacent sectors to utilities, transportation, communications and energy.


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Meet the team

Phil White

Phil White, Managing Partner,
Head of Infrastructure

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