The recruitment, development and retention of a capable and diverse pool of talent is key to our success.

We provide training and opportunities for career advancement, reward our employees fairly and recognise the importance of supporting the wellbeing and satisfaction of our employees by providing a healthy working environment and work/life balance.

With fewer than 240 employees, we benefit from a flat organisational structure, which facilitates a culture of an open communication. Direct feedback to senior managers is actively encouraged. We are a meritocracy and, as such, our employees are recruited, promoted and rewarded based on merit.

Human rights

Whilst 3i does not have, nor need, a specific human rights policy, our policies are nevertheless consistent with internationally-recognised human rights principles such as the UN Global Compact.

We comply fully with applicable human rights legislation in the countries in which we operate, for example covering areas such as freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, equal remuneration and protection against discrimination.

Due to the small number and diverse functions of our employees, as well as the nature of our business, our employees are not, in practice, unionised and do not engage in collective bargaining. We do not procure services from nor invest in businesses which make use of slavery, human trafficking, forced labour, compulsory labour or harmful child labour.

Equal opportunities and diversity

Diversity data

At 31 March 2022, 3i’s total of 236 employees was broken down as follows:

3i employees

3i Group plc Directors1

Senior managers2

  1. Includes non-executive Directors who are not 3i employees.
  2. Senior managers excludes Simon Borrows and Julia Wilson, our Chief Executive and Group Finance Director, who are included as Board members. The measure includes those who have responsibility for planning, directing or controlling the activities of the Company or of a strategically significant part of the Company, or are Directors of the undertakings included in the consolidation.

Achieving better gender diversity is important to 3i and we believe we are making reasonable progress in that respect, within the constraints of being a small organisation with modest staff turnover. Of the 32 new hires we made during the year, 15 were female and 17 were male.

3i is an equal opportunities employer and prohibits unfair discrimination. In light of our small workforce, we do not set specific diversity targets, but we seek to create, through our culture and policies, a work environment that helps to bring out the best in our employees.

Learning and development

Advancing our strategic objectives depends on our ability to attract, retain and motivate smart people. We therefore provide our employees with the opportunities, experience and training to achieve their potential and grow their knowledge, skills and capabilities.

We encourage employees to take responsibility for their own development, working with their line managers to devise personal development plans to support the achievement of their individual aspirations, consistent with 3i’s objectives.

Given the specialised nature of many of the roles in 3i, an emphasis is placed on work-based learning, with the provision of development opportunities supported by appropriate training and mentoring. This is supplemented by formal courses conducted both internally and externally and usually with a multinational group drawn from across the countries in which 3i operates.

Key to personal development for all employees is a formal annual appraisal process, where performance is measured against agreed objectives and against 3i’s values to inform decisions on remuneration, career development and future progression. Employees are encouraged to make use of an online facility to obtain 360-degree feedback as part of this process. All employees receive formal performance assessment and objective setting reviews with their managers annually and may receive informal reviews throughout the course of the year.

Modern slavery

We published our statement on Modern Slavery for the financial year ending 31 March 2021 on our website in September 2021, and will update this statement in September 2022. 3i is committed to ensuring that:

  • there is no slavery or human trafficking in any part of its business or supply chains; and
  • the companies in which it invests are also committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in any part of their businesses or supply chains.
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