Message from the Chief Executive

A responsible approach to managing our business and our portfolio has been key to how we have operated since 3i was founded in 1945. Our purpose at that time was to contribute to rebuilding postwar Britain by providing growth capital to small businesses. The responsibility that came with that original purpose still guides the Group’s behaviour today.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation and track record by investing and managing our portfolio responsibly and by operating according to high standards of conduct and behaviour. We have achieved this through a relentless focus on strong governance, both at 3i itself and in our investee companies. This has allowed us to earn the trust of our shareholders, co-investors and investee companies, and to recruit and develop employees who share our values and ambitions for the future.

Maintaining a strong reputation requires us to adopt a transparent approach to corporate reporting, including on our progress on driving the sustainability agenda through our operations and portfolio. We are committed to communicating in a clear, open and comprehensive manner and to maintaining an open dialogue with stakeholders. To that end, we presented our approach to sustainability and responsible investment in our capital markets seminar, which was webcast for the benefit of all stakeholders in September 2020.

This report is important in ensuring that transparency. It should be read in conjunction with our 2021 Annual report, which also contains our Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (‘TCFD’).

We are committed to evolving our disclosures continuously to improve their relevance for all stakeholders.

"We invest with the objective of generating attractive returns through the cycle for our shareholders and coinvestors. We aim to achieve this objective sustainably by behaving responsibly as an investor, an employer and as an international corporate citizen."

Simon Borrows
Chief Executive
May 2021


Simon Borrows - Chief Executive

Our sustainability strategy is defined by three key priorities

1. A responsible investor

2. A responsible employer

3. A good corporate citizen

We believe that a responsible approach to investment adds value to our portfolio. Our Responsible Investment policy is embedded within our investment and portfolio management processes. It informs our investment decisions and our behaviours as a responsible manager of our assets. We are rigorous in assessing and managing ESG risks in our portfolio. Equally, we are keen to invest in opportunities that contribute to the development of solutions to global sustainability challenges. We make a limited number of investments each year, allowing us to be very selective in our approach to new investment.

Our people are our main asset and recruiting, retaining and developing our talent is one of our most important priorities. We promote an open communication culture and provide an inclusive and supportive working environment with opportunities for training and career development. We value diversity and our employees are recruited, promoted and rewarded on the basis of merit, ability and performance. We are an equal opportunities employer and prohibit all forms of unfair discrimination.

We strive to embed responsible business practices throughout our organisation. We do this by having robust policies and processes in place and by promoting the right culture among our staff. We expect our employees to act with integrity, to be accountable for their behaviour, and to approach their roles with ambition, rigour and energy. All employees are formally evaluated against our values as part of our appraisal process every year.

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