Our funds

We have 33 investment professionals focused on the Infrastructure market. We invest in infrastructure assets through four investing vehicles.

3i Infrastructure plc ("3iN")

  • Listed investment company launched in 2007 with a £2.0bn1 market cap.
  • Investing in Core and Core plus economic infrastructure and greenfield PPP projects
  • Target total return of 8-10% (net)
  • 3i has a 34% equity interest (c.£0.7bn1)
  • Larger investments: AWG, Elenia, Oystercatcher, Infinis and TCR

£2.0bn value including 3i Infrastructure's share of the India Fund

1. Market data as at November 2017.


  • £680m yield-based PPP fund launched in 2008; 15 year fund life; NAV1 of £555m
  • Fully invested across over 90 projects

£0.6bn value

1. NAV data as at 31 December 2016.


  • €456m unlisted fund launched in 2017 and closed in April 2018
  • Investing in operational PPPs and managing the portfolio for yield

3i MIA

  • £700m unlisted fund launched in 2016 and closed in 2017
  • Acquired a portfolio of assets from EISER Infrastructure


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