Private Equity

Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology is a large market with tailwinds from various megatrends including sustainability and IoT. It is a sector where we have a long track record of helping businesses grow into global leaders.

We look for businesses with international potential that are leaders in their niche and are typically a critical product for their customers. 

With global industrial supply chains and the requirements for quality, innovation and fulfilment increasing, we see greater opportunities to support international expansion from both a sales and supply chain perspective.

The ongoing digitisation is shifting the value pools in industrial businesses from more hardware-based offerings to software and services. We look for businesses which have already started to adapt their business model and we will support them in the transition.

We are also looking for ways to invest around the key trends of increased automation, data availability and connectivity. The shift towards “Industry 4.0” has also enabled new business models including Equipment as a Service “EaaS”.

Within the Industrial Technology sector, we focus on the following areas:

  • Automation
  • Safety & Security
  • Flow Control & Filtration
  • Packaging 
  • Industrial Services
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