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International roll out through 4 acquisitions
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Trescal NEW

Invested in the lead service provider in calibration and measurement service solutions in France and, in three years, created a global business​

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Investment date

2010 - 2013

Good to great


money multiple
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From #1 in France to a global leader: undisputed #1 in Europe and #4 in the US​

International roll-out including four acquisitions and opening of a “green field lab” in Singapore with the ​support of Rolls-Royce​


3I Target

From low profitability compared to competitors, Trescal moved to best in class (10% EBITDA at origin ​to >15% at exit)​

Delivered an EBITDA CAGR of 25% from 2011 to 2014​


grew twice as fast as its market
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Bold first step into the US through a significant acquisition, three months post-closing and 100% equity funded​

Key events under our ownership

Internationalised a European champion through the implementation of a buy-and-build strategy with acquisitions in the US, Benelux, UK and Austria
Used our insight into the sector to introduce the concept of “One Trescal” and “the Trescal way” to deliver more homogenous processes across the Group​
Strategic pricing policy put in place in all major countries, sales force effectiveness, size and organisation of a high-performing lab​
Significant investment in proprietary software development to accelerate automation​
Tapped into 3i's automotive and aerospace Business Leaders Network to help position Trescal on a number of tenders and acquisitions​