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Five acquisitions completed

From regional leader to fully integrated global leader of data-centre equipment maintenance‚Äč

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Investment date

2019 - current

Good to great


sales CAGR 2019-2022​
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Transformed from a decentralised company with strong regional positions to an integrated group with sound governance and established global leadership, now maintaining over 360,000 IT systems ​

Implemented a strategic M&A roadmap securing and expanding the business’s global presence with an integration track record​


strategic acquisitions completed to date​
3I Sectors

From nascent digital potential to a data driven organisation pushed by investment in digitisation tools & finance function analytical capabilities ​


in Europe, LATAM ​ & MEA​
3I Star

Built a business with high recurring revenues, high revenue visibility, and low customer churn​

Key events under our ownership

Five acquisitions in total securing leadership in Europe, MEA & LatAm and driving growth in the US​
Clear digitisation roadmap to further enhance Evernex’s tech enabled proposition, with significant investment to accelerate the transformation​
Established a strong governance with the appointment of two industry leaders as Non-Executive Directors
Launched several initiatives to build One Evernex including pricing optimisation, finance function strengthening, and integrated supply chain​
Built a new facility in 2022 increasing recycling by 30% and saved 115,000 tons of CO2 equivalent / conserved over 440,000 tons of ores​