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    Global Cloud Xchange (“GCX”) is a leading global data communications service provider and owner of one of the world’s largest private subsea fibre optic networks. The business provides high-bandwidth connectivity to a range of customers including over-the-top content providers, telecom carriers, new media providers and enterprises.

    GCX’s 66,000km of cables span from North America to Asia. It is particularly strong on the Europe-Asia and Intra-Asia routes where it is well positioned to capitalise on growth opportunities and serve the exponentially growing demand for data traffic.

    Recent developments

    GCX has shown strong year-on-year growth in lease revenues and has recently signed several large bulk capacity deals on its Middle East and intra-Asia subsea routes. Financial performance was held back by a high level of cable cuts which have now been repaired. The sales pipeline is healthy and demand for subsea data capacity continues to grow, driven by increasing adoption of AI applications and substantial investments in capacity and route diversification by the hyperscalers.

    Looking ahead, GCX is evaluating several attractive growth opportunities, for example, acquiring new subsea capacity and developing new edge data centres near its cable landing stations that will drive additional data on its subsea network.

    Regulatory information 
    This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc.

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