Private Equity

We are playing a key role in the internationalisation of Action's business by leveraging our network, experience and resources.


How we create value

Our expertise and strong balance sheet differentiate our investment proposition and underpin our capability to deliver growth and returns to shareholders.

  1. Invest in opportunities
  2. Generate returns
  3. Re-invest
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Our businesses

Private Equity
Investing in good businesses to make them great
Investing in economic infrastructure and greenfield projects

Driving sustainability with Valorem

Valorem is a vertically-integrated green energy operator, offering a range of renewable energy solutions.


Our strategy is driven by our skilled people

Coline Mcconville
Antony Amalor
Simon Andersen Hp
58 Celine Maronne
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73 Richard Relyea
Jasi Halai Profile 24New
12 George Archer
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Laura Kapps
16 Paolo Bergamelli
Joanna Thomson
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  • Grow investment portfolio earnings
  • Realise investments with good cash-to-cash returns
  • Maintain an operating cash profit
  • Use our strong balance sheet
  • Increase shareholder distributions
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