About us

Our strategic objectives

3i is an investment company with two complementary businesses, Private Equity and Infrastructure.

We focus on opportunities where our sector and investment expertise, combined with our international presence and strong capital position, can create material value for our stakeholders.

Strategic objective

FY2020 progress


Grow investment portfolio earnings


of Private Equity portfolio companies1
(by value) grew earnings in 2019



Realise investments with good cash‑to‑cash returns


Group proceeds (or £516 million net of £402 million Action proceeds)2



Maintain an operating cash profit


Operating cash profit2



Use our strong balance sheet


Invested in Private Equity (or £471 million net of £591 million reinvestment in Action)



Increase shareholder distributions


Dividend per share

Last 12 months (“LTM”) earnings to 31 December 2019. Includes 22 unquoted companies and Basic-Fit, which is quoted.
Operating cash profit, realised proceeds are APMs.

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