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    Joulz is a leading owner and provider of essential energy infrastructure equipment and services in the Netherlands. Joulz serves approximately 20,000 industrial, commercial, and public sector clients with its solutions, that encompass realization, maintenance, management, and leasing of energy infrastructure equipment.

    Joulz’ service offering includes mid-voltage infrastructure (owning and leasing transformers, switchgear and cables under long-term contracts), storage (owning and leasing large scale battery storage systems under mid- to long-term contracts), solar (large-scale installations under operational lease or with government-subsidized PPAs), metering (owning and leasing 50,000 electricity and gas meters under mid-term contracts) and EV charging (AC and DC charge points in mid-term exploitation, rental or CPO contracts). Additionally, it provides integrated solutions to address energy transition challenges such as grid congestion.

    Recent developments

    • Joulz performed ahead of expectations in the year, with the Infrastructure Services business unit continuing to see strong market demand. In December 2022, the business raised further debt financing on attractive terms to replenish its revolving credit facility, which is used to fund growth capex.
    • During 2022, as part of a planned transition, Sytse Zuidema was recruited as CEO. Sytse is an engineer by background and has experience successfully leading several fast-growing businesses.

    Regulatory information
    This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc.

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