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    3i has established a scaled, global, pure-play platform in the bioprocessing market by bringing together SaniSure, Cellon, TBL, and Silicone Altimex (together, “SaniSure”). SaniSure is a vertically-integrated player in the single-use bioprocessing technology (“SUT“) space capable of providing highly customised and innovative solutions to leading biopharma and biotech customers. The SUT bioprocessing market is anticipated to grow at 13-20%+ across its various subsegments over the coming years, as the industry transitions to more flexible, clean, and operating cost advantaged technology relative to traditional multi-use counterparts.

    Recognising an attractive market opportunity characterised by high growth and a need for a leading independent platform of scale, 3i began a journey to create a single use bioprocessing platform in January 2020 with the carve-out of Silicone Altimex from 3i portfolio company, Q Holding, along with the acquisitions of founder-owned businesses TBL and Cellon. 

    Seven months later, in July 2020, the platform completed the transformative acquisition of founder-owned Sani-Tech West Inc. (Sani-Tech West and subsidiaries SaniSure® and SureTech), a leading US-based manufacturer, distributor and integrator of single-use bioprocessing systems and components. The acquisition significantly expanded the combined group’s global footprint and brought a complementary portfolio of innovative products and single-use solutions capabilities. The combined platform has robust manufacturing and cleanroom assembly operations in both North America and Europe, offering enhanced supply chain assurance to its customers with a global footprint and vertically integrated capabilities. 


    • Created a unified, vertically-integrated platform in the high-growth bioprocessing space by bringing together Cellon, TBL, and Silicone Altimex 
    • Recruited key management members to complement the founders and other existing leaders, while professionalising the organisation and codifying business strategy
    • Brought Sani-Tech West into the platform, doubling the size of the combined business and creating a global leader with well-established operations and reach in North America and Europe
    • Positioned the platform to be a global strategic SUT solutions partner of choice for leading biopharma and biotech companies and CDMOs

    Regulatory information 
    This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Corporation, a US wholly owned subsidiary of 3i Group.

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