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Het Vergeten Kind colleague and child

About Het Vergeten Kind

Thousands of children in the Netherlands can no longer live at home. They have been neglected or abused. They have fled from violence or have been removed from their homes because they were no longer safe. These traumas leave deep scars. They make them insecure, scared and angry.

There are also many children who do live at home, but who face serious problems every day.

That is why Het Vergeten Kind / The Forgotten Child exists. We are committed to supporting children who grow up in an unsafe and / or unstable home situation. Children who are invisible to many.

"What a wonderful day! And what a luxury that you can just say yes when your child wants to eat a donut and an ice cream. We really enjoyed our day out to De Efteling!"

From a parent who accompanied her child on the Heppie Summer Tour to the Efteling.

"I'm really enjoying my life here!" "The best thing about Heppie is that you can be yourself."

From a child who went on a holiday to Hotel Heppie.

"Perhaps it is not clear to you how much commitment and the days at Heppie mean to people like me and my son. Not a few days, but for so long afterwards. Last night when Andrew brushed his teeth he said: “I want Heppie toothpaste!”. He only uses it very occasionally so that it lasts a long time. What you do is so special and not only do we try to stretch the toothpaste much further wit, but we also keep sharing the memories. Really, I am so grateful in such difficult times. You really offer a ray of hope long after the holiday itself. Thank you!"

From a mother whose child has been on a holiday at Hotel Heppie.


School's cool Amsterdam

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School’s cool Amsterdam mentor and child

About School’s cool Amsterdam

School’s cool Amsterdam wants every child to have an equal opportunity in life, regardless of their background. We provide support to children who can benefit from extra guidance in their home environment by matching them with a mentor. Our children are from different age groups. Most children need help with the transfer to high school, age 11-13 years old, however some children already start with the guidance of a School’s cool mentor at the age of 8 and some young adults (14+) need mentoring as well.

The mentor visits the family at home for approximately 1.5 hours, every week, to help their pupil with schoolwork and/or social-emotional development. The mentor also tries to involve the parent(s) to form one front in the development and opportunities for the child/young adult. We believe that this (preventive) approach benefits children/young adults and their potential for talent development and success in life.

Every year, we match about 400 children to 350 voluntary mentors in Amsterdam, Diemen and Zaanstad.

3i’s support  

With 3i’s donation, we can support and match 10 children with mentors and offer them the chance to succeed at school and in life more generally. In addition, we will develop a method for the parent-child system, through which we will offer parents tools and training to support their children.

School’s cool Amsterdam mentor and child

"With this amazing donation from 3i, we can help 10 children by matching them to a mentor! We believe that in these times individual attention and extra guidance for children in their education can really make a difference in a child’s life and furthermore enhance equal opportunities. "

From School's cool Amsterdam


Stichting Armoedefonds

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Voedselbanken Nederland in action

About Stichting Armoedefonds

Stichting Armoedefonds (The Poverty Fund Foundation) is a national organisation which collects money from donors and funds and distributes it among local organisations and initiatives with the aim of combating poverty or mitigating the consequences of poverty in the Netherlands.

In 2021, Stichting Armoedefonds will distribute a record number of School Supplies Card to more than 170 local aid organisations across the Netherlands, thereby helping over 13,000 children. In 2020, in excess of 10,000 cards were distributed.

In the Netherlands 1 in 13 children grows up in poverty. When these children go to secondary school, their families are faced with many additional costs for school equipment. If the children are not equipped with any, or enough, school supplies, they can already start to fall behind in their secondary school career from the first day. This has consequences for a child’s development, feeling of self-worth, social integration and their future.

3i's support

3i’s donation will provide c. 1,150 disadvantaged children with a School Supplies Card ahead of the start of the new school year. By providing these cards, which the children can use to buy items such as schoolbags, books, calculators, diaries and pens, Armoedefonds aims to help children living in poverty to get off to a good start at secondary school.



Stichting leerKRACHT

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Stichting leerKRACHT in action

About Stichting leerKRACHT

Worldwide research shows that the quality of a country’s education system is heavily dependent on whether its schools have a continuous improvement culture. A culture in which teachers learn from each other and jointly improve educational outcomes. Stichting leerKRACHT has developed and implemented such an approach in the Netherlands. Eight years after its start, 1,000 schools have chosen to use this approach to improve the quality of education.

3i’s support  

3i’s donation will support the production of Walkthrus (in Dutch: Doorloopjes), which are illustrated guides to improve teaching. Through these guides, teachers can learn complex didactic methods in 5 steps, which makes it more attractive and achievable to execute the methods in their own class. Stichting leerKRACHT has upgraded the Walkthrus by adding a website containing videos in which teachers help other teachers to use the ‘Doorloopjes’. In addition, Stichting leerKRACHT organises webinars and courses etc to make even more accessible for all teachers in the Netherlands. The Foundation strongly believes that teachers can make the difference for their students and therefore helps them to professionalise themselves, collaborate with their colleagues and improve the school they work in.

Stichting Zorg na Werk in Coronazorg (ZWiC)

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Stichting Zorg na Werk in Coronazorg

About Stichting Zorg na Werk in Coronazorg

The Care after Working in Corona Care (ZWiC) foundation was established to provide financial support to those front line care workers affected by Covid-19. If they end up in intensive care or die, the foundation will provide financial support to them or their next of kin.

In recent months, the Foundation has paid a total of €1.2m to (the families of) 36 care providers who have been affected as a result of their work on the front line.

"The Care after Working in Corona Care Foundation (ZWiC) would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the 3i Covid-19 Charitable Fund for its generous donation. Through donations such as these, the ZWiC foundation can provide a safety net to those care providers who are most affected."


Voedselbanken Nederland

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Voedselbanken Nederland in action

About Voedselbanken Nederland

Voedselbanken Nederland’s food banks provide food obtained free of charge to people in the Netherlands who temporarily cannot make it themselves. The charity only works with volunteers.

In the Netherlands, more than a million people live below the poverty line. The food banks help those who are really struggling financially by temporarily providing them with "food parcels". In order to provide our customers with sufficient food, we work together with companies, institutions, municipalities and individuals. In this way we ensure together that poverty is fought,

In the Netherlands, more than a million people live below the poverty line. The food banks help those who are really struggling financially by temporarily providing them with "food parcels". In order to provide our customers with sufficient food, we work together with companies, institutions, municipalities and individuals. In this way, together we ensure that poverty is fought, food surpluses disappear and the environment is less burdened. To increase the self-reliance of our customers, we work together with local organizations that help our customers to become independent again. After all, food aid must always be temporary.

people live below the poverty line, inc.
272,000 children up to 12 years old

affiliated food banks

active volunteers

people were helped

products were distributed
valued at 74,000,000 euros

"Voedselbanken Nederland has received a fantastic donation from the 3i Covid-19 Charitable Fund, which came as a great surprise to us. With this wonderful donation, we can support 220 families (consisting of 550 people, of which more than a third are children under the age of 18) with food aid every week for a year. That is really fantastic. On behalf of our food banks and last but not least our customers, I would like to thank 3i very, very much."

Caroline van der Graaf-Scheffer
, Voedselbanken Nederland board member


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