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About Bibliothèques Sans Frontières

Since 2007, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières / Libraries Without Borders has been working to improve access to knowledge and information for those who are most in need. Because inequalities in access to information are at the heart of the greatest injustices, BSF / LWB work across 50 countries to empower people to be autonomous through open and free access to education. From young Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to Burundian street children, from teenagers in the Northern Districts of Marseille to users of laundromats in the United States, the association have helped change the lives of more than six million people.

Programme supported by 3i

In 2020, against the backdrop of the Covid-19 epidemic, BSF/LWB adapted its activities internationally to help fight the virus and its social and educational consequences:

  • many of the active Ideas Box -mobile, pop-up multimedia centres - around the world were reconfigured as health prevention centres to contain the spread of the virus in very vulnerable areas (such as refugee camps in Burundi and Bangladesh),
  • in France, the focus was to help families and teachers cope with the educational emergency they were facing. Every morning, BSF/LWB held educational live streams on Facebook, receiving more than 500,000 views in total,
  • BSF/LWB launched an ad hoc tutoring programme for 300 refugee children to help them keep up with their education and prevent them from dropping out of school,
  • 20,000 books were sent to emergency shelters and a prison to provide access to reading during the first lockdown,
  • in various disadvantaged areas across France, (Hauts-de-France, Northern District of Marseille), BSF/LWB launched "Educational emergency Ideas Box" to host children who were unable to go on holiday this summer and help them prepare for their return to school.

"Many thanks to 3i for your support! Thanks to this donation, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières / Libraries Without Borders' team was able to take action in the face of the pandemic. For example, in France, our teams sent 15,000 books to associations, schools and a prison to provide reading to those who were deprived of it. In Burundi, we organised prevention and awareness sessions on Covid-19 for 600 street children."

Jérémy Lachal, Executive Director of BSF/LWB


Fondation des Femmes

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About Fondation des Femmes

Fondation des Femmes, which operates under the auspices of the Fondation de France, is a foundation in France focused on women's rights and the fight against violence perpetrated against women. It uses donations it receives to provide financial, legal and other support to high-impact initiatives throughout France.

Programme supported by 3i

In 2020, in order to address the emergency caused by the Covid-19 lockdown, Fondation des Femmes focused its efforts on helping female victims of violence and their children, who were seriously endangered. During the first lockdown, in March 2020, domestic violence increased by 30% and police interventions in this regard increased by 36%. In response to this alarming situation, Fondation des Femmes launched an emergency fund to respond as quickly as possible to calls for help from women victims of violence, and their children, who were in danger.

Following the implementation of a second lockdown in France at the beginning of November 2020, this emergency fund was relaunched in order to continue to help women and children in difficulty as quickly as possible.

All donations are allocated towards 3 areas of action:

  • The emergency relocation of women victims of violence and their children, who are fleeing a violent spouse/father. They are provided with accommodation in secure and confidential places, such as hotels, university housing, etc.
  • Distribution of basic necessities to women who find themselves in a precarious situation. Food, hygiene products and essential items (e.g. cots, nappies, dummies, cooking utensils, etc.) are given to women in need, such as women who leave their homes in an emergency.
  • Listening and guidance for women in need. This involves supporting specialised listening associations, so they can continue, and increase, the provision of their activities from home, in order to be able to respond to all calls for help.
Fondation des Femmes in action

"Many thanks to 3i for its precious support! Thanks to its donation, Fondation des Femmes was able to finance associations throughout France during the lockdown, which helped hundreds of women victims of violence to be sheltered from their dangerous spouse. Thanks to you, these women were able to be housed in good conditions with their children and to receive basic necessities (food, hygiene products, baby equipment, etc.). Thank you very much for your support!"


L’Enfant Bleu

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About L'Enfant Bleu

L'Enfant Bleu addresses the physical, sexual and psychological abuse against children. The charity provides emergency and long-term assistance and support to child victims of abuse as well as to adults who were victims of abuse in their childhood; prevents abuse by educating children and training childcare professionals; and works with organisations to aim for the better protection of children against abuse.

Programme supported by 3i

The donation from 3i has enabled us to further our aim of providing free legal and psychological support for victims of child abuse and prevention in schools, which includes:

  • telephone listening from Monday to Friday by listeners, trained and monitored daily by professionals of the association
  • free psychological and therapeutic support for child victims and adults who have been victims of abuse in their childhood
  • free discussion groups led by a clinical psychologist and a volunteer
  • prevention in schools, led by a clinical psychologist and a volunteer

"Each year, we help more than 1,000 victims. This year has been extraordinary: because of the lockdown measures, calls to us have increased by 30%. Thanks to the generosity of companies like 3i, we have been able to expand our listening unit and our team of professionals in order to be able to respond to all these victims."

Pauline Grison, Chargée de communication


Les Banques Alimentaires

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About Les Banques Alimentaires

Since 1984, Les Banques Alimentaires has been fighting against food insecurity and food waste in France. The organisation’s network of 79 food banks collects 115,000 tonnes of food from supermarkets, farmers and the food industry every year. It distributes the food across the country via a network of 5,400 charities and thanks to the daily commitment of more than 6,700 volunteers. As a result, more than 230 million meals are provided to 2 million disadvantaged people every year.

Les Banques Alimentaires volunteer

"Many thanks to 3i. Thanks to the donation they made, we were able to buy vehicles for food banks in the Auvergne region, the Bretagne region and the Bourgogne region. We were also able to equip the Aude department with a cold room."


Solidarité Femmes (FNSF)

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About Solidarité Femmes (FNSF)

Solidarité Femmes is a grassroots association which has been combating domestic violence for over 30 years, providing support, advice and shelter for women and their children.

FNSF operates the national help-line 3919 which offers listening, information and guidance; coordinates a network of 70 local organisations providing help and shelter to female victims of domestic violence and their children; and provides training to network members and to other community stakeholders, such as social workers, health professionals, law enforcement officers and elected officials.

FNSF provides 2,900 accommodation places and accommodates 5,000 women and children each year, receives 30,000 women in its reception centres and has handled more than 80,000 calls in 2020.

During the Covid pandemic, FNSF has seen a 300% increase in violence-related calls to the national helpline. The organisation has hired additional staff, set up temporary secure accommodation centres and organised hotel stays for victims; organised home interviews and physical support for women and children in dangerous situations; and has provided support, including food, for affected women and children.

Remote Youth Theatre

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, our network has faced a huge increase in requests from women facing domestic abuse. From counselling to housing, 3i's support will enable us to respond to, and meet, their needs. We are really grateful to 3i. With this donation, we can closely support those in need and help them through this very difficult process." 

Françoise Brié, executive director


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