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About Die Arche

Die Arche is a Christian children‘s and youth project which aims to address the financial and emotional impacts of child poverty and campaigns for more equal opportunities, regardless of social and cultural background.

More than 4.5 million children in Germany live in financial, and in many cases also emotional, poverty. Die Arche works with schools and social services to ‘Make children stronger for life’ through promoting potential, facilitating education and providing opportunities.

From providing free, healthy and hot meals to children to assisting them with their schoolwork, Die Arche is there to support, encourage and inspire the children in many different ways. A wide range of activities including sports and music are offered and, above all, young people get lots of much needed encouragement and support in order to build their confidence and sense of self-worth.

Die Arche runs more than 20 facilities across Germany and reaches over 4,000 children and young people. In addition, Die Arche is also present in Poland and has two facilities in Switzerland.


Frankfurter Tafel

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About Frankfurter Tafel

Frankfurter Tafel provides food to more than 15,000 people in need every month through 12 outlets across Frankfurt and its 192 volunteers. In addition, the organisation supports over 72 social institutions, which in turn help approx. 13,200 people, including drug facilities, kitchens for homeless people to eat and many others.

3i’s donation will go towards maintenance and petrol in order to keep the 12 refrigerated trucks running. The fuel alone costs around € 4,000 per month.


Project U25

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 Project U25 in action

About Project U25

U25 provides advice for young people at risk of suicide. The advice is free and anonymous and counselling is carried out by specially trained volunteers of the same age (“peers”) with full-time specialists working in the background.

Young people can log in anonymously, write their message or request and send their message. U25 will read the message and respond to the young person with advice and support. The interaction may be a one-off or it can be the beginning of a longer communication - depending on what the young person wants.

Programme supported by 3i

3i is supporting the U25 project to reach their goal of permanently increasing the number of U25 advisors to 25 to enable them to advise around 150 additional young people in crisis per year.


“Your donation will save lives!”


Stiftung Kinderglück

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Stiftung Kinderglück in action

About Stiftung Kinderglück

The Kinderglück story began in 2006. After many years of supporting various organisations as private donors, the idea arose to package our commitment and guarantee long-term help. We are lucky in our life and we are aware of that every day. Our children are healthy and we are fine, but that cannot be taken for granted. Child poverty, trauma, illness and problematic family relationships often prevent a carefree growing up. We want to reach these young people. We know that someone who has experienced happiness through warmth takes this feeling with them on their path in life and does not forget it.

With this in mind, we established Kinderglück e.V. In the beginning, as a family, we financed most of the projects privately to get them going. Over time we gained more and more supporters and volunteers. Today we reach many children and we’re constantly working to ensure that we reach even more. Children and young people will always be the foundation of our society. It is important to us that continuous support is given to them and that future generations consciously and actively assume this responsibility with the help of our Kinderglück foundation.

Programme supported by 3i

‘Project Satchel’ is aimed at first graders from Dortmund, the district of Unna and other surrounding cities and communities who would not stand in front of the school door with a satchel, but with a plastic or cloth bag, on their first day of school. 25 volunteers help the Kinderglück founders Susanne and Bernd Krispin to implement this major project.

The first graders do not know that the satchel is a donation because the volunteers hand it over to their parents without the children being present. This is very important to the Kinderglück Foundation because children who are constantly confronted with their own poverty develop lower self-esteem and carry this negative feeling with them into adulthood. Applications for a satchel are made by social workers or nursery teachers and are thoroughly checked before being approved. Sadly, the need for this project is growing each year. For 2021, we expect a total of 2,500 applications for a satchel.

Stiftung Kinderglück and 3i

“Around 800 disadvantaged children will be able to have a happy and equal experience, starting school on an equal footing, due to your support.”


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